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Our Mission

We encourage to build the ability to FORM TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS. We believe in put ourselves out there to help each other. We believe that we can building every day a better place to live. We believe in working TOGETHER to feel like we belong, to be around people who believe in our same values,  that they may entrust us , so we will be able to help them transfer the risk. 

“We believe in being givers and not takers”

Mariela Romero

Global Insurance Spoke person

Mariela Romero is focused on preparing individuals and companies who want to propel their lives, leadership and businesses to new heights. Through the Cultural Mastery Certification program Mariela shows you how to protect your brand and properly navigate our culturally complex world while transforming your cultural mindset and skill set.


Mariela is a multilingual, passionate journalist, writer, producer and public relations professional with over 30 years in broadcasting. She has received 27 Emmy Awards from the academy of television arts - Southeast region. In 2022 she received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of volunteer service. She is currently the board chair of The Gault Center in Washington DC. In 2021 the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce inducted her into the Most Influential Latinos Hall of Fame. In 2022 Mariela co-founded La Conferencia Latinoamericana de Transformación where Spanish speaking individuals elevate their identities to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of their future.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our associates have been in the industry for years, they know the need of our community, meet them.

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